Parish Council

Newnham Agenda 31st May 16

Annual Parish Council May 16 public

Notice Of E U Referendum-

Mins 25th April 16

Monthly Statement April 16 public

Annual Parish 19th April 2016

Finance Mins Mar 16

Mins 29th March 16

mins 29th Feb 16 – draft

Mins 25th Jan 16

2016-17 meeting plan

Newnham Mins 3rd Dec (Nov 15) draft

Mins Oct draft

Mins 28th Sept 15 draft

Finance Mins 22nd Sept 15 draft

mins 24th August 15 draft

mins 27th July 15 draft

mins 29th June 15 – draft

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Fin Mins 24th Mar 15 public draft

Annual Parish Council 18 May 15 draft

Mins 18th May 15 draft

This web page is updated solely by the Clerk to Council.

Any questions or requests for information to be added to the site should be addressed to the Clerk.

Office hours are 9 .00 am to 12.00 pm. Monday to Friday. Please note the new parish contact number listed below

Parish Council Members

  • Mr Ian Walker (Chair) – 01594 516822
  • Mrs Wendy Anderson – 01594 516315
  • Mr Felix Bihlmeier – 01594 510963
  • Mr Trevor Firman – 01594 516303
  • Chris Kenny – 01594 510241
  • Mrs Joy Larkham – 01594 510652
  • Mr Graham Murray – 01594 516626
  • Mr Steve O’Leary 01594 517038
  • Mr Toby Weeden 01594 726342

Clerk to Newnham on Severn Parish Council

Dave Tingle

5, Fir View Road




GL14 3AL

Tel 07469 204 604


Parish Council meetings are held on the last Monday

of every month at 7pm in the W.I. Hut, preceded by Public consultation at 6.45 p.m.

Announcements & Updates 




Information availabilty and Councillor Roles and responsibilities

Minutes of Meeting

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Financial Matters

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How do I become a Councillor

 There are several publications on the whys and wherefores of being a Parish Councillor on the NALC web site


About the Parish Council

What is the Parish Council?

Burial Rules

NoSBurial Rules, Regs and Requirements and Acceptance 2015

Burial acceptance rules 1

Burial application for internment 1

Burial application purchase grave space 1

Table of fees Apr 2016


District Councillors

Mr Simon Phelps

         Mr Richard Boyles  Mob:07979 755101




Community Help & Advice

This web site has many useful pages of information, it could help you find out about all sorts of services and assistance, often free of charge that is available in Newnham and  The Forest of Dean.

For example if you would like to know more about the Community Transport service provided with the aid of lottery funding by the Forest of Dean District Council, then follow this link to

Community Transport is made up of not for profit organisations, all fares are used to support the service.  They offer a friendly door to door service.  They provide transport for those who do not have their own access to transport, including young people, the elderly, disabled and vulnerable passengers.  They can take you to the shops, hospitals and doctors appointments or to social occasions – for example to lunch clubs or family parties.  Some minibuses can carry wheelchair passengers.

There is also further community advice from the Gloucestershire County Council’s Local Agent here on this web site.



Community Emergency Plan

Community Emergency Plan

This is a quick link to the Forest of Dean District Council’s Local Plan here Download District Council’s Development Policy for Newnham.

Download District Council’s Settlement Inset Map for Newnham.

To interpret the District Council’s Inset Map you will need to use this Key

County Councillors

Our local County Councillor

Richard Leppington – FODUKIP@GMAIL.COM



Member of Parliament

Mark Harper – Conservative MP for Forest of Dean

He works with the Deputy PM on: Fixed Term Parliament Referendum on Alternative Voting system Boundary changes/ reduction in the number of MPs Support for disabled people to become MPs Recall of MPs Elected second chamber Individual voter registration Commission to consider the ‘West Lothian Question’ Statutory register of lobbyists Reform of party funding All postal primaries

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